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A coupe Gran Sport Michelotti bialbero

Ada Pace drove a berlinetta "Gran Sport" (chassis 1298s, race #78) to 10th overall in the aggregate results. This car was later destroyed but I was told almost 30 years ago in Italy that some paperwork continued to exist. The implication was that the identity might be revived one day. (source: John de boer)

Ada Pace Race History
1951-53 Ada Pace raced Moretti and Vespa, acquiring some fifty trophies.
#28 Moretti berlina 600/750 Sassi - Superga 25.10.53 (4th/ Turismo Int. 750) Bertazzini negs.
1954-56 Ada Pace began running cars in rally/regularity runs (Moretti, Fiat & Alfa Romeo)
1954 Ada Pace owned Moretti N. 1298s Reportedly received (from whom?) as some sort of payment (?), sold to Paolo Butti
# Rallye Perla di Sanremo 2-4.4.54 (2nd/ Turismo 600)
#78 Moretti 1298s Coppa Michelin –Torino 10.4.54 10th o/a (Sport 750) Bertazzini neg.
# Coppa delle Dame 23.5.54 (?)
# Sassi – Superga 24.10.54 Sassi ’54 has been reported as her "first event"