Special Moretti The biehL-Moretti

Project Info:

Another car transformed for Racing in the SCCA series in the 50's in the USA. This one was transformed by John Biehl and the story of the transformation was published in a Sports Car Trend report Special. It is not know which Moretti Gransport was "sacrificied".

Extract from Sports Car Trend report Special article
One of th most beautiful of the 750cc power plant is the Moretti. The little mill is built like a jewel, designed for competition and raps like a Ferrari in full bay. The John Biehl Moretti special goes several steps farther in producing a competition machine. The wiring and mehanical layout of th Biehl car shows the results of many hours of cold calculation and planning. A11 mechanical and electrical components are quickly accessible for inspection, maintenance and repair.

Weight has been designed out, resulting in a minimum of drilling and obvious paring. Instrumentation and creature comfort has also been kept to the bare necesities - except for an exce11ent driver' seat which would certainly pay off in longer race where driver fatigue is equally as important as mechanical breakdown.
Wrapped around this engineered chassis is a beautiful streamlined aluminum body shell. Obviously designed for very low drag, it was also designed with an eye to quick pit stops - the complete hood assembly being removable for access to all wiring and mechanical upfront.