Special Moretti - Lancia - moretti

Project Info:

This car is actually very lightly connected to Moretti. It is supposed to have a "Moretti Kit" Installed.
You will find below the description by © Archivio Vetture

This Lancia 750 Sport was auctioned by Coys about ten years ago on a couple of occasions but with no luck. The description indicated it as "1947 Lancia Moretti, chassis number 750-1360, used by the Scuderia Traguardo of Milan directed by the well-known Lancia racing preparer Rinaldo Tinarelli. The car was taken over by one of the team's investors, the noble Marchese Baldi Doria . Motto aluminum bodywork, modified Fiat chassis, Lancia Ardea engine reduced to 750cc and Moretti kit, which includes cylinder head, special cams, high compression pistons, Dell'Orto carburetors and free exhaust".

The story resumes in 2000, when the car was restored by Scotti, a Lancia agent from Casale Monferrato. In the online periodicals announcements 2 plates were visible: AL-4785 and AL-35131. The survey of the first vehicle gives little information: the plate is from February 1956 while the first data of the vehicle date back to September 2012.